Mon, April 24

The Riley

Doors Open

Welcome to the Filecoin Network Base!

9am - 7pm
1st Floor

Partners Office Hours

Discover your place! Connect with several of our network partners from across the Filecoin and IPFS ecosystem, including Fluence and Protocol Labs' Launchpad

9am - 7pm
2nd & 3rd Floor

Open Coworking Space

Boost your productivity with our professional workspace, complete with high-speed internet, comfortable seating, rooftop views and complimentary coffee and snacks. Meet the Filecoin team and learn the latest with our network!

2pm - 6pm
3rd Floor

Chess meet-up!

Attention all crypto and chess enthusiasts! Our upcoming chess meet-up is the perfect opportunity for Gigabrains of all levels to gather and enjoy the thrill of in-person competition. Come join us for a day of friendly games where we'll provide the boards and pieces, and players can battle it out to prove their strategic skills. Even if you're not playing, we welcome you to come watch and support your fellow chess aficionados.

4 PM - 6 PM2nd Floor

Builders Tribe + Filecoin Orbit Meet-up

Join Builders' Tribe and the local Austin Filecoin Orbit community to connect with other founders, developers and innovators. We'll have some short content focused on builder-focused tools and programs available for builders in the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem, followed by networking and drinks!

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Panel discussion with Pareen Lathia, Logan Lentz, and Alex Mirran

6pm - 9pm
2nd & 3rd Floor

Gaming on Filecoin Mixer

The Filecoin and IPFS tech stack is foundational for immutable and interoperable Web3 games. Join the community for talks, live demos and a reception exploring the overlap of these exciting ecosystems.

6 pm - 6:15 pm2nd Floor

Jacob Homanics: Bringing Web2 Games to Web3

Jacob Homanics is a former Web2 game developer who crossed the chasm into Web3. He'll discuss the value proposition of this new model of games and how the Filecoin and IPFS stack enables this new paradigm.

6:15 - 6:30 pm2nd Floor

bz: Breaking Barriers: How Flow blockchain, Filecoin, and Mocaverse by Animoca Brands Simplifies Blockchain Gaming for Casual Players.

Flow Blockchain, Filecoin, and Mocaverse by Animoca Brands aim to simplify the complex world of blockchain gaming for casual players. Join to learn about user-centric gaming on Flow Blockchain, Filecoin's decentralized storage, and Mocaverse's unique NFT collection. Experts in the field will discuss walletless onboarding, hybrid custody solutions, and community-driven development. Guests will receive an attendance NFT and gain insights into the latest trends in blockchain gaming, while exploring the potential of these technologies in shaping the industry's future.

6:30pm - 7pm2nd Floor

Leon Do: Quest to Discovering the Web3 Gaming Tech Stack

A series of short stories on how the web3 gaming tech stack as evolved. Discovering, learning and building the right tools.

7pm - 7:30pm2nd Floor

bz: Workshop Demo: Walletless onboarding & Hybrid Custody Solutions

7 pm - 9 pm3rd Floor

Gaming in Filecoin Mixer - Happy Hour!

DJ set by fennec with vintage deep house vibes!


Tues, April 25

The Riley

Doors Open

Welcome to the Filecoin Network Base!

9am - 6pm
1st Floor

Partners Office Hours

Discover your place! Connect with several of our network partners from across the Filecoin and IPFS ecosystem, including Fluence, Protocol Labs' Launchpad, and Hypermedia Link

9am - 7pm
2nd & 3rd Floor

Open Coworking Space

Boost your productivity with our professional workspace, complete with high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and complimentary coffee and snacks.

12 PM - 1 PM | Third floor closed for private event
4 PM - 4:30 PM | Third floor closed for private event

12pm - 6pm2nd Floor

Crypto Econ Day

CryptoEconDay is a gathering of Web3 researchers and practitioners sharing findings, lessons learned, and answering some of our most challenging questions around the topic of cryptoeconomics.

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12 pm - 1 pm3rd Floor

LBank x CryptoEconDay brunch

1 pm - 1:30 pm2rd Floor

Miko Matsumura

Reserve & Market Making for Web3

1:30 pm -  2 pm2rd Floor

Kiran Karra

Agent Based Model

2 pm - 2:30 pm2rd Floor

Nic Z

The Evmos Tokenomics Model

2:30 pm - 3 pm2rd Floor

Jiasun Li

Profit Sharing: A Contracting Solution to Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd

3 pm -  3:30 pm2rd Floor

Hao Chung

Rapidash: Foundations of Side-Contract-Resilient Fair Exchange

3:30 pm - 4pm2rd Floor

Mustafa Qazi

Simulation Token Economies

4 pm - 4:30pm3rd Floor


4:30 pm - 5 pm2rd Floor

Cesare Fracassi

Crypto Volatility, Risk, and Valuation

5 pm - 5: 30 pm2rd Floor

David Shuttleworth

7 pm - 9 pm2rd Floor

Filecoin and Fluence Happy Hour

Filecoin Foundation and Fluence invites you to join our happy hour, with a DJ set by fennec with some vintage deep house vibes!


Wed, April 26

The Riley

Doors Open

Welcome to the Filecoin Network Base!

9am - 6pm
1st Floor

Partners Office Hours

Expand your horizons by connecting with our diverse network of partners and the Filecoin ecosystem, including storage providers, Tableland and Fluence.

9 AM - 5 PM2nd & 3rd Floor

Open Coworking Space

Boost your productivity with our professional workspace, complete with high-speed internet, comfortable seating, rooftop views and complimentary coffee and snacks. Meet the Filecoin team and learn the latest with our network!

11:30 AM - 3:30 PM | Third floor closed for private event
5 PM - 9 PM | Third floor closed for private event

11:30 AM - 3:30  PM3rd Floor

Crypto AM Showcase Private Event

1 PM - 1:20 PM2nd Floor

Prashant Maurya: Crossing the UX Chasm for Web3 Developers

As most UX efforts in crypto are directed at end user,s developer tooling that enables the fast and simple deployment of dapps has been largely overlooked. Prashant Maurya discusses how Spheron Network's one stop solution removes the headache from the dapp building process

1:20 PM - 1:40 PM2nd Floor

John Solly: EASIER Data Initiative: Decentralizing Geospatial Data for Efficient, Accessible, and Sustainable Infrastructure

Open access policies for publicly funded geospatial data from government and academic institutions are not fully realized due to the reliance on central providers that maintain control over pricing, the authenticity of data, and the protocols for dissemination. This calls into question the sustainability of these important resources and suggests that research and collaboration are hindered by the current centralized paradigm. In contrast, decentralized infrastructure for geospatial data could result in fewer data silos, increased trust, and the democratization of data stewardship.

This would enable easier collaboration between researchers, universities, and governments while providing citizens with unrestricted access to open data. In response, The EASIER Data Initiative aims to leverage the decentralized web for sharing geospatial data more efficiently, accessibly, and sustainably. The Initiative has made one year of Landsat 9 data (300 TB) available on Filecoin and accessible through IPFS, to demonstrate how this can help remove barriers to access.

Additionally, the Initiative is exploring solutions for integrating existing geospatial technologies with web2, as well as Data DAOs for collaborative data stewardship. To promote collaboration, we established the Decentralized Geospatial Web Working Group (dGWWG) and invite interested parties to join the community and participate in the development of the decentralized geospatial web. More information is available on the EASIER Data Initiative website ( and our Twitter account (@easierdataorg).

1:40 PM - 2:00 PM2nd Floor

Andrew Hill: Tableland - Relational Databases on the FVM

Join us to learn about Tableland, a permissionless relational database that is available on the FVM. Tableland enables developers to build rich data models for decentralized games, apps, NFTs, and more. Discover how Tableland brings the familiarity of serverless relational databases and SQL to Filecoin, paving the way for a new era of data-centric applications to emerge.

2 PM - 2:30 PM

Garrett Kinsman: Fighting AI Generated Content with Censorship Resistant Media

Garrett Kinsman CoFounder of Nodle goes into how AI generated content is unraveling civilization and how decentralized technologies will save us.

2:30 pm - 3 pm2nd Floor

Matt Hamilton: Programatically Creating Storage Deals on the Filecoin Virtual Machine

The Filecoin Virtual Machine, FVM, solidifies Filecoin as the L1 that uniquely powers the open data economy. In this talk, we will explore how to programatically create storage deals on the Filecoin network using smart contracts.

We will start by discussing the basics of the Filecoin network and its architecture. Then, we will dive into the Filecoin storage deal flow and the role of different parties in the process. This will include understanding the responsibilities of clients, and storage providers in creating and verifying storage deals.

We will then demonstrate how to create a complete local Filecoin network on your laptop, allowing you to experiment with the storage deal creation process. This will involve setting up a testnet, creating and funding wallets, and deploying smart contracts.

Finally, we will walk through the steps of using smart contracts to create storage contracts on the Filecoin network. This will include deploying an example contract that creates a storage deal and monitoring its progress on the blockchain.

By the end of this talk, attendees will have a solid understanding of the Filecoin storage deal flow and the ability to create storage contracts using smart contracts. They will also have the tools to experiment with the Filecoin network locally, enabling them to further explore this exciting new technology.

3 pm - 3:15 pm2nd Floor

Catherine Stihler: Two Billion and Counting: Enabling the Open Internet with Creative Commons

Since 2001, Creative Commons has enabled the sharing of over two billion creative works on the web through its innovative open licensing process, ensuring that humanity's most important information can be shared and widely distributed. CEO Catherine Stihler discusses the organization's current efforts

3:15 pm - 3:30 PM2nd Floor

Katie Wawro: Equipping Builders for Success with PL Launchpad

Katie Wawro of Protocol Labs' Launchpad discusses the assortment of tools, programs and bootcamps supporting developers and builders across the Filecoin and IPFS  ecosystem

3:30 pm - 3:50 pm2nd Floor

Preston James: Introducing Divinc's DWeb for Social Impact Accelerator

DivInc will launch in Fall 2023 its DWeb for Social Impact Accelerator, supporting social enterprise startups led by BIPOC and women founders developing global solutions that leverage DWeb and Web3 technologies; blockchains, crypto-assets, artificial intelligence, machine learning

3:50 - 4:30pm2nd Floor

Panel: Unlocking Cross-Chain Doors with Filecoin Virtual Machine

The launch of the Filecoin Virtual Machine has enabled greater integration between the Filecoin network and the broader Web3 community. This panel explores the opportunities now available for builders from other chains and ecosystems to take advantage of smart contracts on Filecoin

Panelists: Anshuman Prasad, bz, Stephen Fluin, Andrew Hill. Moderated by Clara Tsao.

4:30 - 4:45pm2nd Floor

Tom Trowbridge: Secret Sauce: What Decentralized Compute-over-Data Brings to Filecoin

After providing storage capacity and data-onboarding, the third phase of the Filecoin roadmap is bringing compute capability to the data stored on the network. Tom Trowbridge of Fluence Labs gives us a glimpse into why this innovation will be transformative

4:45 - 5 pm2nd Floor

David Johnston: Building Dapps On Filecoin

DLTx CEO and longtime crypto veteran David Johnston joins to give a storage provider perspective on the types of useful decentralized applications that can be built on the Filecoin network via the Filecoin Virtual Machine

5:00 - 5:30 pm2nd Floor

Paul Brody: Decentralized Storage for Enterprise – Where the Tech Needs to be for Enterprise Adoption

5 PM - 9 PM2nd & 3rd Floor

Private Event: Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers


April 26–28

All Day
Austin Convention Center

Protocol Village - Sponsored by Filecoin Foundation

Stop by the Protocol Village sponsored by Filecoin Foundation at Consensus, where developers discuss the future of the top chains. Special discount code for Filecoin Foundation friends!

Input FilecoinC23 at check out and enjoy a 25% discount!

April 27, 11:25 AMAustin Convention Center

Chelsea Manning and the Struggle for Digital Privacy

Chelsea Manning doesn’t just espouse the cypherpunk ethos that inspired the creation of cryptocurrency; she has lived it. The activist, whistleblower and former intelligence analyst learned firsthand the power, and limitations, of privacy-preserving technologies when she leaked U.S. military documents – and served nearly seven years in prison. Manning reflects on the state of government and corporate surveillance and the technological, political and cultural changes required to combat it.

April 27, 2:00 PMAustin Convention Center

The Past, Present, and Future of the Web

Filecoin Foundation Senior Fellow and Dweb Strategy Danny O'Brien walks us the through the history of the web, where we are today, and where we're headed. Plus he'll discuss the value and potential of decentralized storage and Filecoin Foundation's mission to preserve humanity's most important information.

April 28, 1:45 PMAustin Convention Center

An hourlong exploration of the advancements defining the Filecoin ecosystem in 2023.